GIGATRANS for Professional Cross Border Transport services

Gigatrans (Pty) Ltd, Durban, South Africa 

In order to transport goods over the border you are going to need the services of a company that has experience in the field. You also want your goods to arrive at their destination on time, secure and safe.


GIGATRANS  can offer affordable cross border transport services and can also ensure that your goods arrive at their destination Safely and on time. Every shipment is treated with importance and its safety is a top priority.

GIGATRANS (Pty) Ltd  is a  specialty transport company dedicated to providing the best transportation service in South Africa and offer an affordable Cross Border transport service.


With experienced drivers and well cared for, late model equipment, we can deliver your specialised shipments when and how you need it.


Our Head Office and Depot's are strategically located,  which allows the company the flexibility to easily handle our customers demands 


We endeavour to think like our customers and to work hard to deliver a service which exceeds their business objectives.

Are you looking for a Professional company that offers: Affordable, Reliable and Cost-effective Cross Border Transport service ?

Our Vision:
To be recognised as a world-class operation as a result of the quality and the value of our service. To go from strength to strength, fueled by the same passion of providing the best customer service and is destined to be the leader in the freight & container transport industry.

*  Lesotho

*  Namibia

*  Swaziland

*  Botswana

*  Mozambique

*  Zambia

*  Malawi

*  Zimbabwe

We operate a large fleet of Superlinks and Triaxles throughout Southern Africa, including:  

Company Mission:
To ensure our company grows as an effective and significant player in the Transport field.  We strive to be the transporter of your choice and create loyalty among GIGATRANS Management, Staff and Clients.

GigaTrans can transport all forms of goods to borders. Vehicles fitted with lower than normal decks for abnormal loads. Permits can be arranged for abnormal loads. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of  Cross Border transport and being able to look after our customers’ needs effectively.

We hope that we can assist you in the future with your transport and logistical requirements.

Delivering prompt, efficient service whilst upholding our high standards of integrity, transparency and honesty.  Loyalty and honesty is the corner stone of our business.

"We ensure that our customers goals are our priority"


Our mission has been to be a leader in specialised freight transportation, providing fast, efficient and friendly service.

We understand that once we start delivering on your company’s behalf, we become part of your company. With this in mind, our staff will always uphold professional standards.


We have individuals that strive for excellence due to the well rewarded incentives that are offered. We also realize that our turnover is directly proportional to your company’s sales. Keeping this in mind, we will always strive to deliver your product with all the necessary care and within a reasonable time schedule.

I completed my matric at Sastri College in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

I may not always say it, but I mean it whenever I say it. Thank You, to God Almighty, and the educators, and management of Sastri College, namely the Principle Mr. R. Maharaj and his deputy principles for all the extra efforts you made to help me succeed, and the challenges you encouraged me to face to help me become who I am.   You are not only my teachers, you are my friends, authority and guides. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.

Tel:  +27 84 786 2144

Luqmaan says:
We all are working incredibly hard to expand the reach of our Group. There are times when the work part is challenging, or that a particular hurdle seems too big to clear. I don’t know how many times, when right in the midst of one of those really challenging moments, we put everything, especially the challenge, into perspective and renew again our zeal to move forward.
My role is to support my peers and direct them to achieve high standards for whatever task they perform. I guide meetings and ensure decisions are made that benefit the Group.

My goal is to develop my team members, to improve their capabilities so they are able to make their own decisions, and develop life skills such as time management. We can use it in construction and emergency services in many different groups. We want to be able to create an industry-standard visibility solution that is made for a wide range of markets and would like to get contracts from various businesses.
My achievement would not have been possible without my solid team. Together we have been able to overcome many obstacles and everyone in the group has played a key role in the progress we have made as a group.



Our vision is to provide "A platform for the inspiration and empowerment of women". We seek to amplify the economic empowerment of women in our group, to achieve sustainable growth for our business.


To respect and promote women's rights, provide access to training and skills, and to advance opportunities.

Gigatrans water initiative. Distribution of fresh

drinking water to catchmanet areas.


Our aim was to distribute the water and provide small water

saving measures to ensure the community was

aware and proactive in their situation



BEEE Certificate


GIGATRANS Group MD Mr. Luqmaan Essa (left) with

(South African  Minister of Finance) Mr. Pravin Jamnadas Gordhan (Centre)

We create equal employment opportunities for all our people. We transfer skills and meet the standards of the Employment Equity Act and of Corporate social investment. In particular, we focus on education and business skills development. This will definitely accelerate growth, create employment and encourage economic contribution by communities that were previously disadvantaged.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on giving our people, and the people of our country, the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to the future growth of our economy.

We adhere to our social responsibility and maintain an open dialogue with customers, suppliers, authorities and society. We support humanitarian relief projects as well as the social initiative of our colleagues